Vikings in Dallas, Wisconsin...These People Must Be Crazy!          
All right, I want to know who is responsible for this right now!
Viking Has Over 20 Styles of Beer? Uff Da! That's a lot of beer.
So then, where can I get this Viking Beer?
Ya sure, you betcha, we should go to them there beer shows.
Vikings brewing beer? This I've got to see!
What's that I hear?  Ooompah.... Ooompah..... Ooompah...
Where the Heck is Dallas, Anyway?
I wonder what them Vikings have at that store of theirs.
So, whatcha folks at Viking been up to then?
I just can't get enough of those crazy vikings.
Put your Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes on and let's go visit some other folks.

About Our Beer


Randy and Ann Lee are committed to take Viking's beer to its highest level. Before they brew a style of beer, they research its history and its tradition: where it originated, who brewed it and with what ingredients. This provides them with a deeper understanding about the complexities of the beer style, which aids in their ability to brew a product that captures the heart and soul of the beer.

The Lees select the highest quality ingredients from around the world and brew with water that is naturally pure and soft. Purity is important. No fining agents, chemicals or preservatives are used in any of Viking's beers. Viking's beers are natural, unpasteurized and not sterile filtered. Viking's beers are live products (with active brewer's yeast) so they continue to age and develop over time.

    According to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia. "Brewer's yeast is known to be a rich source of nutrients; therefore, as expected, beer can contain significant amounts of nutrients, including magnesium, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, biotin, and B vitamins. In fact, beer is sometimes referred to as 'liquid bread.' Some sources maintain that filtered beer loses much of its nutrition."

While we are talking about brewer's yeast, it is important to point out here that unlike many breweries, Viking does not use the same yeast for all of its beers. Instead, the proper yeast is chosen for each style of beer. Randy and Ann recognize that the yeast is the underlying signature flavor of the beer. Viking's beers are not only different from other breweries', but they are different from each other.

Why we can't brew bland beer...

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